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Coastal Western Screech-Owls

Coastal Western-Screech Owls (Megascops kennicottii kennicottii) have been declining in much of their range for at least fifty years. They are currently listed as Threatened  in Canada, but there is still little known about their habitat preferences and general behaviour. What we do know is that they eat a variety of small prey items from insects and crustaceans to fish and rodents. They require densities of dead standing trees and woodpeckers to provide cavities for nesting and are found in an array of different forest types along the coast of BC. Have a look at the report linked bellow, for more information on their declines and our current understanding of their status in BC.

Research blog

Recent research has suggested that Western Screech-Owls are both present and abundant in at least some old growth systems in BC. This, and many other findings, have gone under the radar in research communication. Learn about these findings, and how you can help with research on our blog!

The Bog Owl Hypothesis

From an infatuation with screech-owls at an early age, to changing what we think of as good  Coastal Western Screech-Owl habitat. This is the story of the origins of the PMRA.

By: Jeremiah Kennedy

What do we know about Kennicott's Owl?

COMING SOON! A review of our current knowledge of Coastal Western Screech-Owls in BC. Breaking down official status report and reviewing what we still need to do.

By: Toby St Clair

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Photo: Don Williams